Quantitative Risk Assessments

  • Conduct data-driven, all-hazards risk assessments using industry best practices and standards
  • Calculate risk using mathematic formulas including those for probability, consequences and vulnerability
  • Develop recommendations to mitigate risk in a cost-effective and operationally efficient manner
  • End result: Production of a Security Business Plan© that includes estimates of capital costs, operating costs, and recurring costs, and includes a multi-year implementation plan

Electronic Security System Design

  • Design integrated electronic security systems including video management systems, access control systems, intrusion detection systems and visitor management systems
  • Design process including conceptual design, design development, and construction document development, all with budget estimates
  • Manage the RFP process resulting in selecting the right vendor to install the systems
  • Provide construction administration services that ensure the systems are professionally installed and the installation remains on-time and on-budget, and that end users are trained and can utilize the system effectively
  • End result: Production of integrated systems that are effective at prevention, detection, response, investigation and recovery

Command Center / Global Security Operations Center / Citywide Surveillance Center Design

  • Prepare Security Design Criteria identifying core command center functions and requirements
  • Coordinate and lead design workshops with the security, facilities, engineers, architects, IT and other design team members
  • Develop a plan that maximizes the space and fulfills personnel and systems requirements
  • Prepare detailed specification documents and drawings including final construction documents
  • Select the right vendors to build the Command Center
  • Oversee construction and provide construction administration services
  • End result: Development of ergonomically effective work environments that maximize space, operator efficiency, system integration and communications, all resulting in effective risk management and emergency response

Computer Aided Dispatch / Records Management System / Jail Management System Consulting Services

  • Utilize proven process to determine system requirements and customer needs for dispatchers, police, fire, EMS, detention, and court users
  • Develop a system requirement document listing all essential functions and CAD/RMS/JMS Software Systems
  • Develop comprehensive RFP documents clearly defining customer and system requirements
  • Quantitatively analyze information submitted by CAD/RMS/JMS vendors and provide scoring of each submission
  • Select the right vendor through interviews, demonstration, customer reference checks, customer site visits and final negotiations and system purchase review
  • Perform inspection of the critical system functions and provide a written implementation report ensuring all modules are functionally effectively
  • End result: Creation of a safer and more secure community for emergency responders and citizens alike through implementation of efficient and effective dispatch, response, information processing, records management, and information sharing

Plans, Policies, Procedures & Post Order Development

  • Develop all-hazards emergency response plans and business continuity plans
  • Coordinate and conduct training, tabletop and full-scale exercises to test emergency response plans, policies, procedures, and post orders
  • Develop communication plans to reach community members and constituents
  • Implement and test specialized immediate notification and mass notification systems
  • Provide annual or as-needed updates / revisions to plans, policies and procedures
  • End result: Creation of plans and procedures that do not sit on shelves and that are properly written, disseminated, understood, followed, tested, exercised and updated

Physical Security - Governance Risk and Compliance (PS-GRC©) Assessments

  • Monitor approximately 50 worldwide regulations and standards that contain physical security requirements
  • Assess, develop and document internal organizational security requirements
  • Develop a programs and processes for measuring organizational compliance using internal and external physical security guidelines and standards
  • Perform PS-GRC© assessments, which include facility risk tier development; standards and guideline development; compliance measurement analysis; risk mitigation recommendations; and Security Business Plan© development
  • Equip large organizations (i.e., hundreds of locations) with Automated Software containing analytical, reporting and planning tools
  • End result: Creation of comprehensive plans and multi-year budgets that ensure organizational compliance with physical security risk standards and guidelines

ADRM Emergency Response Mobile Application

  • Transform long, complex, and paper emergency response plans and procedures into on-demand, mobile, short, and actionable plans and procedures (IOS and Android Support)
  • Ensure ability to push notifications to users
  • Provide automated accountability of personnel using survey functionality
  • Ensure that application is fully customizable for user types – administrator, responder, planner, end user, etc.
  • Ensure ability to update plans rapidly and share updates without reprinting or redistribution
  • End result: Availability of intuitive emergency information and instruction on personal devices during an emergency