Linda Harris Paolillo

ADRM Ambassador

  • 40 -year educator in higher education administration specializing in the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and campus
  • Career Highlights
    • Developed a comprehensive campus pandemic plan
    • Developed a comprehensive campus safety and security operations manual
    • Developed and led a comprehensive campus building teams program focusing on emergency response
    • Developed and ran a training program that certified and recertified over 100 faculty and staff annually in first aid, advanced first aid or CPR
    • Developed and ran a Residence Life training program for both residence assistants and all resident students
    • Held the higher education administrative positions of Director of Admissions, Dean of Students, Dean of the College, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Executive Vice President throughout career
  • Expertise
    • Higher education administration, risk management, and safety and security
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science, University of Rhode Island
    • Associate in Applied Science, Centenary University